As a result of the fast life we are living nowadays, which involves work pressure, busy schedules, and health concerns, the stress is quite unwanted. Although we are usually unsuccessful, we keep searching for ways to deal with the stress. Fortunately, there is a simple and very helpful solution for stress and similar ailments in the form of concentration and hand yoga.

There are various ways that people hold their hands for boosting their physical and mental performances.

VAAYU MUDRAVaayu mudra is performed for calmness, which decreases the air element inside your body. This hand position involves folding the index finger on a way that its tip rests at the base of the thumb. Now, use your thumb to gently press the first phalangeal joint of the curled index finger.

Those persons who hold their hands in this position can have the ability to reduce stress and aggression by improving oxygen transportation all over the body, which will then effectively calm anxious and restless minds.

Moreover, the Vaayu mudra pacifies overactive hormones and the nervous system as well, helping to relax the entire body. As such, this position is perfect for hyperactive, aggressive persons and those with a lower attention span.


Prithvi Mudra is performed for strength, which increases the earth element and it also reduces the fire element. It’s consisted of touching the tip of your ring finger with the tip of the thumb. Apart from encouraging the tissue healing and its growth, Prithvi Mudra is also able to boost the development of the muscles.

In addition to relieving fatigue, this performance helps in the prevention of the dry skin and brittle bones by enhancing strength, vitality, and endurance.

Prithvi Mudra ensures reduced muscle inflammation while regulating metabolism and body temperatures, by reducing the fire element. Therefore, this hand position is ideal for persons who suffer frequent fevers, ulcers, and inflammation.


Surya mudra is for weight loss, and its performance increases the fire element and also reduces the earth element in your body. It consists of placing the tip of the ring finger at the base of your thumb. Then you should gently press your thumb on the folded ring finger at the first phalangeal joint.

It improves the blood circulation in the entire body, helping in the elimination of the abnormally low body temperatures and shivering caused by cold.

In addition, those persons who hold their hands in the Surya mudra tend to relax more. This hand position also addresses the absence of sweat and eyesight problems. Therefore Surya mudra is ideal for people with progressive weight gain issues, constipation, indigestion and suppressed thyroid activity. It is, however, notable that practicing

Surya mudra for more than half an hour might cause the overheating of your body.


Gyan mudra is also known as the pose of wisdom. This performance is for wisdom and if you practice it you can increase the air element within your body. It consists of touching the tip of the index finger with the tip of your thumb. In addition to boosting creativity, enthusiasm, and positive mindsets, the Gyan mudra position also improves the memory and the entire cognitive process.

It’s, therefore, perfect for the prevention of lethargy, mental retardation, and drowsiness. Gyan mudra position is the ideal position for yogis seeking meditation or for a withdrawal from the material world.


Shunya mudra is a hand position for relieving pain, and it’s  performance reduces the space element within the body. You need to place the tip of your middle finger at the base of the thumb. You should then gently press your thumb on your folded middle finger at the first phalangeal joint.

This hand position is very beneficial when it comes to eliminating the acute body pains. It also helps nausea, impaired hearing, tinnitus, travel sickness, and severe numbness in some parts of the body like the head and chest. Shunya mudra is perfect for people with a pronounced Vata constitution. Although you can practice this position anytime, you need to stop its performance once the problem lessens.


This position is for moisturizing, and its performance is increasing the water element within your body. It includes touching the tip of your little finger with the tip of the thumb. Apart from helping in minimizing bone related problems such as painful joints and arthritis, this pose can help in hormonal disorders, dehydration, and scanty body secretions.

Therefore it is great for persons with eczema, digestive issues, and dry skin, hair, or eyes. However, every person who is suffering from water retention issues should not practice Varun mudra.

You can always try these hand poses regardless of the place or time, especially since you don’t need a yoga mat or special room. Since performing these poses is relatively easy and considering the potential outcome, trying out each one of these might be very beneficial. Apart from having zero side effects, these hand positions could provide a much cheaper and readily accessible solution to many different issues.


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